Some of my Poetry

I love writing poems because they allow me to express myself in a creative and meaningful way. Poems are not just words on a page, they are windows into the soul of the poet. Poems can capture the essence of a moment, a feeling, a thought, or a vision. Poems can also challenge the reader to think differently, to question their assumptions, to empathize with others, or to appreciate the beauty of language.


Romance is back


The way he looks at her

With her movements

The souls longing

For meeting

Eye to eye

Breath to breath




Fluid Rhythm

Marcia Mar

A Small Flower

a friend sent me a photograph

of the smallest flower he could find

to tell me he is shy

he cooked me eggs for breakfast

guaranteeing me the source was kind

telling me about the happiness of the local chickens

wandering freely on the green lands of co-operative farms

that lessened my sorrow

we went on to have several breakfasts to follow

talking about love

the consolation of all flowers

Marcia Mar

Delightful Brilliance

Painters’ brushes of ore

have a taste of delight lightness

before the fading dark

turns into bright light

alchemical elucidations

illuminations in celebration

make this wish a possibility

for everyone

evermore visible forever

the artists clean the brushes

diluting everything in water

the job is done

Marcia Mar

On Being Music

Hearing past present future

galaxies’ invisible particles

here and everywhere

nowhere and there

being mutual reflection

being ecstatic music

sounding like

attentive seals and dolphins

coming out of vast sleeves

making intricate waves

like seaweed dancing genetic beings

practising art’s fluid currents

when MarBass meets MarAmp

whales, shells and stones sing

Marcia Mar

This. What’s this?

Before I drink

I want to know...

Is it true that knowledge

was an invented word?

Is it true that people

talk about what truth is

and reach no consensus?

I need certainty!!! Now...

Is it true that there is

no such thing as certainty?

I want to know... what this is

I need more than I thought

Now... Where is the pure water vessel?

Marcia Mar