Some of my art collection

I would like to share with you some of the artworks that I have acquired over the years. These artworks reflect my personal taste and passion for various forms of artistic expression. I hope you will find them enjoyable and valuable, and that you will recognize their beauty and significance.

Urcum is a natural pigment extracted from the seeds of a plant native to South America. It has a vibrant red-orange color that can vary depending on the preparation method and the amount of oil used. Urcum has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for body painting, textile dyeing, and pottery decoration. I use urcum as the main ingredient in this collection, which explore themes of identity, culture, and nature.


My Nankin Paintings

My nankin paintings are expressions of my artistic vision and passion. I use the traditional techniques of Chinese and Japanese ink painting, but I also infuse my own creativity and personality into each work. My paintings are not intended to be faithful representations of reality, but rather to evoke the mood and spirit of the scenes. I wish that my paintings can bring a sense of balance, elegance, and peace to the viewers.

My vibrant artistry

I love expressing my creativity through colourful paintings. My artworks are inspired by my phantasy, which is rich and diverse. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful and symbolic. They reflect my emotions, thoughts, dreams and visions and invite the viewers to enter my world and experience it with me.