My artistic projects are not just hobbies or pastimes for me. They are expressions of my identity, my creativity, and my vision. They are the result of years of hard work, dedication, and passion. They are the way I communicate with the world, share my emotions, and challenge myself. They are the source of my joy, my pride, and my fulfilment.

Book Projects

The books aim to celebrate and explore the diversity of cultures and perspectives that enrich our world. Each book contains a variety of art forms, such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, stories, poems and essays, that express the unique visions and voices of the artists, writers, scholars and creators. The books are the result of a collaborative effort that involved careful selection, editing and design to ensure the quality and coherence of the content. The books are intended to inspire, inform and entertain readers who are interested in learning more about the diverse and dynamic aspects of human culture.

Multicultural Manifesto Movement Mundi

co-author and project co-partner

Stella Maris

This is my book of poetry. It contains the verses that I have written over the years, reflecting my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Some poems are inspired by nature, some by love, and some by joy. Some poems are rhymed, some are free verse, and some are sonnets. Some poems are personal, some are universal, some are abstract, and some are concrete. This is my book of poetry. It is a window into my soul, a testament of my creativity, and a gift to the world.

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented and inspiring writers and artists on these meaningful and engaging book projects. It was a marvellous experience to learn from their perspectives, insights and creativity, and to contribute to the enrichment of literature and culture. I feel honoured and proud to be part of this amazing community of artists and writers who share a passion for storytelling and expression.